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Excerpt from A Chilling Whisper (Unpublished)

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

‘’What would it mean if a new spirit...appeared?”

Professor Alan stopped drinking her tea and took a long look at Evelyn. She gulped, afraid she had said too much. The professors eyes flicked to the door before meeting Evelyn’s again.

“If there was a new spirit,” she started carefully, “it would be illegal. At least until it was under the Emperor’s control. Which, I don’t need to remind you, would make a conversation like this—illegal.”

Evelyn shrank back in on herself, looking down at her own mug of tea. It was so hot against her skin, but she let it burn. It grounded the well of panic building up inside her.

“Which is why,” Professor Alan continued, “this conversation is one which should stay in my office. Understood?”

Evelyn nodded, careful to quell the shaking in her hands.

“Good,” she continued, “now, if there was a new spirit, I imagine it would create quite a commotion between the Emperor and the rebellion.”


She couldn’t help the question, the Professor’s eyes glinted as she nodded.

“Yes, the rebellion. It is quiet, and small. But something like a new spirit? That dear girl would be the spark which could set them ablaze.”

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