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About Danielle


"Your story deserves to be told, let us help."

Don't let a lack of time hold you back from telling your story. I will provide a comprehensive outline, a first rough draft, and one round of editing for all freelance and ghostwriting services. 

Your content should speak for you and your brand. You are the subject matter expert, and we will help you shape and mold the material. 

My goal is your success. 

Danielle has been writing since she was 8. As a freelance writer and ghostwriter her goal is to help others bring their story to life. She has 6 years of experience in B2C sales and has her own published works. She wants help others curate their ideas into something tangible that represents you.  


Outside of work Danielle is a mother, a full time employee, holds an Associate degree in Business Management, and is a member of the League of Utah Writers.


Published works are as follows: 

  • "The Liberty of Conflict" - Published with The League of Utah Writers in the 85th Anthology "The Function of Freedom" 

  • "Monochromatic" - Published with the League of Utah Writers Infinite Monkey Anthology "If Not Now, When"

  • "One Final Request" - Published with Camden Park Press Anthology "Street Magic"

  • "Challenge Accepted" - Release date April 2023 - To be published in LUW Infinite Monkey Anthology "Kindred Spirits"

  • "A Worthy Process" - Release date June 2023 - To be published in "2023 Utah's Best Poetry and Prose" Anthology

Awards are as follows: 

  • Quills 2020 League of Utah Writers New Poetry Award - "Growth"

  • Quills 2022 League of Utah Writers Literary Fiction Award - "A Worthy Process"

Contact her here or at


Check out Danielle's REALWMXN interview here. 


Danielle Has joined the Mythulu team! Check us out below. 

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